Here is Your Complete Guide to CDR Writing

HERE IS YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE TO CDR REPORT WRITING First and foremost, read the guidelines in the Engineer Australia Skill Assessment Booklet also called MSA booklet. You will get an idea of what sort of information you need to provide in the CDR report. Since CDR Report Writing is submitted to showcase applicant’s technical acumen,

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Migrate to Australia?

TOP 5 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD MIGRATE TO AUSTRALIA?   Clean Environment – With its low air pollution, Australia provides a healthy environment for its inhabitants, unlike other countries that are heavily polluted. If this is a major concern for you in your current country, it may be time to consider immigrating to Australia now.

How To Prepare Your best CDR Report?

HOW TO PREPARE YOUR BEST CDR REPORT? CDR Report Structure Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – Provides info about how you have kept yourself up-to-date after UG. Should be in list format (title, date, duration, venue) No word limit

What is RPL Skill Assessment Form for Immigration to Australia?

WHAT IS RPL SKILL ASSESSMENT fORM FOR IMMIGRATION TO AUSTRALIA? Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a document submitted for skill assessment by those engineers who do not have Information & Communication Technology (ICT) qualifications or any tertiary ICT qualifications. Australian Computer Society (ACS) is the authorized body that assesses the RPL form. There are