First and foremost you need to secure a minimum of 65 points to qualify for an Australian skilled visa. Points are allotted in a varying number of ways and for further detail on that, refer to our blog article titled ‘Points Calculator for Australian Skilled Assessment Points Test’. To get a rough idea about Australian PR filing, read the following steps involved in the process.


STEP 1- CLEAR IELTS: An English proficiency test should be cleared. IELTS, PTE, TOEFL are a few examples of the language proficiency tests. Good preparation is needed for this because high scores are required for skill migration PR. If you’re sitting for IELTS, you need to score at least 7 in all its 4 components (listening, reading, writing and speaking) to acquire 10 points and a minimum of 8 in the 4 components to acquire 20 points.


STEP 2- THE MSA (MIGRATION SKILLS ASSESSMENT): This is the step where you need to go through skill assessment by Engineers Australia. Under the MSA, Engineers Australia is the governing body for assessing the skills of engineers from overseas .Go over to and create your account or profile and apply for the MSA. You will get 15 points for Bachelors or Masters degree and anywhere between 5 to 10 points based on your work experience. You will have to prepare a CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) for this which contains every document to prove the credibility of your educational qualifications and work experiences. A lot of points are scored based on this CDR report so be sure that the data provided in here is accurate. It should be authentic and a plagiarism free CDR writing. You can make this Competency Demonstration Report with the help of professional CDR writers.


STEP 3- THE EOI (EXPRESSION OF INTEREST): Expression of Interest is to be completed online by logging into a portal called Skill Select. You need to select your visa type here, i.e. skilled visa with the appropriate subclass (189, 190 or 489). Enter all the relevant information required like your IELTS score, educational qualification, employment details and then select your occupation from the Skills Assessment section. You will also have to confirm whether you have done your Skills Assessment by Engineers Australia.


STEP 4- APPLY FOR VISA: You can now apply for visa online in the Immigration portal of the Australian government. You will have to provide scanned documents of positive skills assessment results done by Engineers Australia. Birth certificate to show your age, IELTS results, educational qualifications and employment proofs to your past jobs should also be provided. A form 80 should be filled up additionally sometime later which includes for you to fill in your residential address for the past 10 years, travel history for the past 10 years, internships and other temporary work information, family’s basic information and a short answer as to why you are travelling to Australia and wish to remain there. After submission, you will be asked to submit a character certificate from the Police in all the countries that you’ve lived in the past 10 years and to provide the results of a recent medical check-up done in a designated lab.


That sums up everything one needs to know about the Australian PR filing process in gist. However before concluding, one point needs to be stressed again. Since lots of patience and guidance is needed to write a Competency Demonstration Report, most engineers require the help of professional CDR writers for that. comes in here to help you out. Our team of professional writers have all the tools required to deliver you the best plagiarism free CDR writing services adhering to the guidelines of Engineers Australia. Our reports have high approval and success rates. You can rest assured that no effort will be wasted in making your Competency Demonstration Report perfect.


However after all these, it should be understood that assessing authorities like Engineers Australia do skill assessments for the purpose of migration. They are not employment agencies so you’ll have to apply at other places to secure a job..

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