For candidates looking to migrate to Australia under permanent residency and engage in a skill based employment like engineering, they need to sit for a points based exam called the Migration Skills Assessment that’s more popularly known as the MSA. Clearing this exam enables the candidate to qualify for the appropriate visas. The MSA is further divided into various bodies which oversee their respective fields of specialisation. Engineers Australia oversees the skill assessment of engineers and their assessing procedure is called Engineers Australia Skill Assessment. This assessment is basically a paper based test which ascertains and judges the credibility of the candidate’s qualifications and past work experience in their department of skilled specialisation and checks the compatibility of the same with the Australian demands of the job.


All this data is provided by the candidate in a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) that is submitted to the examining body.A Competency Demonstration Report comprises three parts- Continuing Professional Development, Career Episodes and the Summary Statement.




Also known as CPD, the Continuing Professional Development section of the Competency Demonstration Reportfocuses on all the achievements and participations of the candidate after completing his education in events pertaining to his engineering field to upgrade himself to the latest news and technology of the industry. This part is necessary to show the examiner that the candidate is well versed with the current changes in the industry both in theory as well as in praxis and hence will be able to work with no handicap and provide the best quality service.


The CPD is framed in a table format which includes details of either the conferences and seminars the candidate has attended or the details of the workshops and courses he has completed. Sometimes it contains both.Additional information may include the names of relevant books, academic journals, magazines, etc. that the candidate has read to deepen his theoretical knowledge.




Since CDR report writing includes strategically highlighting the merits and technical acumen of the applicant, choosing the most successful and praiseworthy incidents from his past work experience which are befitting the requirements of his new desired career is of utmost importance in order to make a good impression. A total of 3 Career Episodes can be included in the Competency Demonstration Report all of which must be written within the 1000-2500 word limit.


Each Career Episode can be mapped into 4 sections- the Introduction, Background, Personal Engineering Activity and Summary. The Episodes should in detail showcase the candidate’s practical implementation of theoretical knowledge and the skills required of that particular engineering field. In other words, the basic content of it should talk about what kind of work or service the candidate did and how he did it emphasising more on his own personal input rather than on teamwork. The examiners are only interested in seeing the nature of contribution the candidate himself is capable of providing in terms of meeting project and task objectives. This is why these are written in the first person singular.


While writing a Career Episode one should also keep in mind to break the information into paragraphs while numbering them at the side. These paragraph numbers are later used for cross-referencing in the Summary Statementsection.




After providing all the heavily loaded details in the first two sections, the main points of the Competency Demonstration Report are stressed again in the Summary Statement to help the examiner to recapitulate the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. This is the most important part of the Competency Demonstration Reportone should give attention to during a CDR report writing.If the candidate has some key skill or experience he wants to be noticed by the examining board, he needs to include it in the Summary Statement as this section collapses the entire Competency Demonstration Report into a brief, compact picture. The candidate should also take note to include all the key Engineers Australia competency criteria in this section so things like the correct ANZSCO code of his engineering discipline must be included and thoroughly re-checked to see whether it’s the right one.


To ensure an efficient way of finding and checking the detailed information on the data provided in the Summary Statement, the numerical digits provided beside the paragraphs in the Career Episode are included here beside the relevant key-points. This makes fact verification fast and hassle free.




Technically, any candidate can write a Competency Demonstration Report himself after carefully going through the guidelines mentioned in Engineers Australia’s manual on CDR report writing. However in reality, this is not advised. There are many things that can go wrong while writing a Competency Demonstration Report and a whole lot of other things one has to consider while writingit in order to make it smart and successful at the first try only. A lot of precision and attention to detail is required, not to mention perfect grammar and zero plagiarism. For these reasons alone, CDR report writing should be done by people who are already familiar with the structure and content of the report. The chances of a Competency Demonstration Report getting approved by Engineers Australia increase considerably if it’s written by an expert.


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