Below are the few of the most common mistakes that CDR Report Migration Skill Assessment applicants make which leads to the rejection of their CDR:

The prescribed word limit for each Career Episode is 1,000 to 2,500 words. You will have to provide all the required information and address all the Engineers Australia competency issues within these word limits. This makes it necessary to provide only relevant details in your CDR Report for Migration Skill Assessment. Refrain from including too many technical details with calculations, diagrams etc. Many times, applicants with good profile fail to get positive assessment because they provide too much redundant information.


Plagiarism Plays a key Role here!

Plagiarism is a critical issue when it comes to Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment. Never copy and paste project details from someone else’s CDR Report samples or from any other Internet sources. Misleading and false information is a major breach of ethical behavior according to Engineers Australia Skill Assessment Booklet. The CDR report is meant to be your original work based on your projects and profile.

Your chances of positive Migration Skill assessment increase dramatically if you include Technical Design activities in your CDR report. Similarly, lack of designing experience may act as a huge impediment to the positive assessment of your CDR. Hence, try to include any innovative engineering experience you have in your Career Episodes.

Each career episode must clearly demonstrate the application of engineering knowledge and skills in the chosen engineering discipline. That is, state what you did and describe how you did it, emphasizing your own personal role in the career episodes and not about the teamwork. The purpose of this is to assess your personal contribution to meeting project and task objectives. Career episodes must be written in the first person singular clearly indicating your personal role.

Understand that CDR report is an official document which can make or break your plans to migrate to Australia. You must strictly adhere to the format prescribed by EA and ensure that there are no minor mistakes in grammar or spelling and the report is in Australian English. Ensure that you are following all the EA guidelines while writing the CDR.

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