Engineers Australia Assessment is the designated assessing authority for all engineers willing to work in Australia. It measures the candidate’s academic qualification, work experience and the English proficiency levels, giving the candidate an accurate report.




If you are looking for skilled migration to Australia, then you must have the skill assessment result in hand before applying for the visa process. Once the competency demonstration report has been obtained, you can apply for the migration process easily. Competency Demonstration Report provided by the organization will expedite your career growth. It intends to facilitate your growth by accurately measuring your strengths and weaknesses. It believes that once the reporthas been produced, you will work all the more on both your strengths and weaknesses. This will make your stay in Australia as an engineering professional more dynamic. This in turn will go onto enrich your experience as a working individual.




The Competency Demonstration Report does not come with an expiry date from the organization itself. However, it is important to keep in mind that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has issued a clear mandate stating that the report can only be valid for three years. After a gap of three years, the report has to be renewed following all the rules and regulations. For the renewal of the assessment letter, it is advised that the Migration Skill Assessment (MSA) office should be consulted. After consultation one should return the original letter to the Migration Skill Assessment Office. An updated letter will only be sent after the completion of the payment.


After a successful assessment procedure, Engineer Assessment will send an assessment outcome letter. This assessment outcome letter deemed necessary for migration purposes will reach the candidate via email. If a migration agent has been nominated by the interested candidate, the agent will receive the letter on his or her behalf. Owing to technical glitches and other inconveniences, if the letter cannot be sent electronically it will be sent by ordinary postal service. The organization ensures the efficacy of postage and charges a minimal amount in return for the service. The organization ensures that the outcome letters can be confirmed online by entering the application credentials on the Assessment Outcome Verification page.


Engineers Australia Assessment takes about four to seven months for the generation of the summary report. Through the most simplified route the current turnaround time for non-accredited qualifications is about 13 weeks. After a span of eight weeks the application is finally assigned to a case officer. This has been maintained after referring to the accredited Australian and Accord Qualifications. However, the turnaround time is quite likely to vary given the number of applicants and the burden of overall application. Given the total number of incoming applications the Engineers Australia Assessment might defer processing time for all applicants. Engineers Australia as a committed organization hopes that their clients will understand their commitment and effort towards each individual application.




Once the applicant has submitted the Migration Skill Assessment (MSA), the applicant can settle for the Fast Track Migration Skills Assessment processes as well. On availing this service, the application is passed on to an assessor or the case officer within five to fifteen working days. Fast Tracked applicants are always given the utmost priority immediately after their submission. The Australian visa application is also used as a fast track service at this point. This fast tracking process is highly recommended.


It has to be noted that the files will not be processed during the shutdown period. The Engineers Australian Assessment timeline explicitly mentions the dates of closing on their official website. Ensuring that it handles each application with equal consideration, it will send the candidate an additional message. This message will state that the assessor requires additional information for completing the process. The systems are effectively designed for smooth generation of these messages. On receiving such a message, the candidate should log into Engineer’s Australia’s portal for more details regarding further documentation. The candidate is strongly advised to keep a minute track of their application. Such a minute tracking will evade a cancellation of their applications. A cancellation is likely in the case of unattained messages.




Though any delay in the assessment of the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is genuinely regretted, please note a few reasons for a long deferral period. Few of the reasons for a long waiting period can be-


Fragmented information given by the candidate. Fragmented information often delays the application procedures. The candidates are advised to go through the terms and conditions thoroughly before filling up the application form. While working on their forms they should ensure that have provided all the necessary information in adequate details. Such detailing would keep the assessment of their career episode hindrance free.


Tremendous number of applications received by Engineers Australia Assessment. The company often receives a large number of applications. The organization hopes that the applicant understands the amount of work that goes behind every application. The team is working hard on the processing bit and would ensure a faster process soon. Intense work on these procedural modalities would ensure a swift generation of the summary statement in the near future.


If you are an interested candidate, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact the organization regarding all your migration and application related queries. As a diligent organization it ensures that your application goes through the hands of the experts. The experts have been appointed after a lot of scrutiny. It is assured that the interested applicants, with the help of the professionals,will receive the finest of assessments of their skills.


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