Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please note that if the assessor did not find your Career Episodes aligned with the desired occupational role, it means that the project you chose is not a perfect fit for you and your job profile. However, there is nothing to be disheartened. We here understand that you are not adequately equipped for the alignment task. We do understand it’s very hard, but take the setback in your stride. Begin again. Go through the EA guidelines carefully.


It is an imperative that you understand every competency element that is desired out of a certain occupational role. Such an understanding would give you a clearer vision. You can then go back to those professional and academic projects again. Ponder over them again. Then choose the projects that would demonstrate your prowess the best.


At times it happens that the assessors might ask you to re-submit your application. They would ask you to change the choice of your occupational role. They might feel that your achievements and your past experiences might go well with a different role. They might believe that you will be better for a different role. Think about it. However, if you have absolute clarity in your thoughtful choice and you wish to reapply, make sure that you have re-worked the details.  Here you might feel the need of an expert who can make your task easy.  CDR writing professionals work on hundreds of reports every year. They have a fair amount of expertise to understand the guidelines presented by Engineers Australia. They also know the right strategy for presenting the episode in a manner that goes well with the assessors. As the choice of words and the overall presentation create a huge impact on your acceptance, we believe the experts will be the best ones to align the project with your job profile and your chosen role. In some cases, you might have chosen the correct project but might have lacked the necessary skills for correct alignment. Keep your faith in our experts. They can solve this problem easily.


To make your lives easier go for professional help with batting an eyelid. Your migration visa application should reach a perfect conclusion. This is of immense importance. Who can help you better than the CDR writing experts? They can provide efficient samples at the outset making you understand how the report needs to be prepared. You are most welcome for elaborate discussions with the CDR experts to decide the scope of your report. You can share your own insights and inputs as well. There is also an opportunity to get the report revised by their experts as well in certain situations.


Grab the opportunity now! Get to work, good luck!

  • As the experts are very well versed with the EA guidelines they can easily identify and remove any kind of error.
  • Engineers Australia shares elaborate details on every section of the reports and makes sure that the content flows in an organic fashion. The experts review the report the report in fashion so that every gap and slip can be adequately removed.
  • A certain sense of originality would make your CDR your own. Choice of words and the impact they create is of utmost importance. Experts ensure that the best word stay on. They decide what goes in and how.
  • CDR experts review each and every report with utmost care. They look for grammatical errors, errors in alignment, depiction and uniqueness. They ensure that every report goes through proofreading and editing followed by plagiarism checks. This makes the report 100 percent unique and original.

SO, it’s an imperative that you get your report reviewed by the CDR experts before submitting it to Engineers Australia. We know that you have had a successful run in your career, but you can always trust the CDR experts and their diligence. We are sure that this will be conducive to your growth. It’s all worth the effort and the result that you are aiming for!

The Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is your ticket to Australia. It can get you a visa for skilled migration to Australia easily. Amidst thousand other applicants, the visa assessors at Engineers Australia (EA) use the CDR adeptly.  They review it to bring forth the competencies and skills that each applicant brings to the table. Such keen attention to your skillsets will help you the applicant to align your skills with the requirement in Australia.

CDR is absolutely essential for those who do not have a qualifying degree from Australia or the degrees not supported by the Washington Accord.

Please remember to keep a draft in hand before you consider to get your CDR for a Supply Chain and Distribution Manger profile reviewed. Do keep in mind the EA instructions while preparing the same. We would suggest you to refer to the Migration Skill Assessment booklet and go through the guidelines in details. Such a through reading of the guidelines would help you to make changes at your end before you send your document for further review. Once you have put in all your effort, the CDR writing experts would be happy to help you with their professional insights and expertise.

The CDR writing experts will then ensure that your report doesn’t get rejected due to simple errors in presentation, structure and content validity. These experts come from varied engineering backgrounds and have shown demonstrated history of success in both reviewing and writing these reports. Since there is a whole cohort of experts you don’t have to worry about your particular background or the occupational role you are looking at. We can ensure that the most appropriate expert will get allocated for your task.

– You can apply for an informal review of your application. Relevant forms and fees are available on Engineers Australia website. During an informal review, your application will be reviewed by an independent assessor and you will be notified about the result of your review through email. An informal review may take up to eight weeks. A review can only be requested within three months of receiving the original assessment outcome.

–  Please refer to the International Engineering Alliance (IEA) website Qualification Checker to make sure your qualification is accredited through the representative body of the signatory country.

Please note it is your responsibility to make sure your qualification is indeed an accredited program before you apply through the Accredited Qualifications pathway. Engineers Australia will not refund application fee if your qualification has later been assessed as not accredited.

– It is a necessity to include an English language test score with your skill assessment application.
IELTS, TOEFL iBT® and PTE are the three test results that are accepted.
TOEFL PBT and Cambridge English test are currently not accepted.
For PTE, you must send your PTE Academic score through Pearson’s online secure portal to Engineers Australiaso that they can verify your result. Please refer to Pearson’s website for the detailed instructions on how to do it.
The following table indicates the minimum required scores for each module:


– If you want to apply for PR, only your undergraduate course is assessed by the EA. Your postgraduate diploma, Masters or PhD degrees obtained in Australia will not be considered. Hence, you need to apply to EA through the CDR pathway and get your Undergraduate degree assessed.

– Each Career Episode should be 1,000 to 2,500 words long. Career Episodes should have following section
• Introduction, which can be about 50 to 100 words long
• Background, which should be about 200 to 500 words
• Personal Engineering Activity, which should be in the range of 500 to 1000 words
• Summary, which should be 50 to 100 words long.

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