How To Crack The MSA (Migration Skill Assessment)

All people coming from non-Australian nationalities have to sit for the Migration Skills Assessment to qualify for the General Skilled Migration Programme to get the permanent residency visa in Australia.


For the first step, the applicant has to nominate an occupation that is included in the list of eligible skilled occupations in the GSM. This is followed by the assessment of the skills required of the nominated occupation by its relevant assessing authority. And if you are an engineer, then for engineering occupations, the assessing body is Engineers Australia and applicants have to sit for the Engineers Australia Skill Assessment. It recognizes 3 categories of occupation in Australia- Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, and Engineering Associate.


The applicants are also required to provide a proof of their English Language proficiency by qualifying one of these exams- IELTS, TOEFL, PTE ACADEMIC. Following these, come the pathways for Migration Skills Assessment which can be either Accredited Qualifications or Non- Accredited Qualifications. After figuring out which pathway is the correct one for you, you may fill out the online form for MSA.


Accredited qualifications are Australian and overseas educational qualifications which are mostly undergraduate level and are recognized through formal international agreements. You can find out which is the representative body of the signatory country that accredits your qualifications by checking out the list in International Engineering Association (IEA).


However, if you have a postgraduate degree and it’s not independently accredited and neither do you have an accredited undergraduate qualification, you will have to submit a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) instead.


The CDR contains documents which prove the credibility of the educational qualifications and work experiences of the applicant. A lot of points are scored based on this CDR report so care is taken to make sure that the data provided in here is accurate otherwise the applicant will face lots of unnecessary difficulty in the migration process. This report should be written following the guidelines of Engineers Australia Skill Assessment and should be authentic and plagiarism free.


If you have received training or education before your undergraduate qualification, you’ll have to submit an RPL report for that too. Australian Computer Society (ACS) examines the skills of people who do not have educational certificates showing qualifications related to Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills or tertiary ICT skills yet have the required practical experience. This process of testing out the practical work experience of uncertified ICT skilled engineers is called the ACS RPL skills assessment.


The ACS hence gives a chance for applicants to get ICT required jobs. To pass the ACS RPL skills assessment, the applicant has to produce an RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) report. The ACS RPL skills assessment comes in two sections. The first section allows the non-ICT qualified applicant to explain how he acquired the ACS required skills and experience by working in projects associated with the ICT industry. The second section of the ACS RPL skills assessment is providing a Project Report Form to the ACS which has the details mentioned of 2 projects from the applicant’s career.


Since lots of patience and guidance is needed to write both a CDR and RPL, most engineers can’t write them by themselves. comes in here to help you out. Our team of professional writers has all the tools required to deliver you the best writing services adhering to the guidelines of Engineers Australia. Our reports have high approval and success rates. Your individual requirements, past work experience, current job profile, educational qualifications, and other important information are all taken into consideration while writing the reports. So you can rest assured that no effort will be wasted in making your CDR and RPL reports perfect.


However, it should be understood assessing authorities like Engineers Australia do skill assessments for the purpose of migration. They are not employment agencies so you’ll have to apply at other places to secure a job.

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