For every candidate applying for permanent residency in Australia under a skilled visa, he needs to go through a skills assessment, called the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA). Each occupation listed in the skilled visa categories has an assessment board which examines the candidate’s qualifications and work experience. If you are an engineer and you are applying through the computer field then ACS (Australia Computer Society), being the governing body in that department will assess your skills. You can’t start your permanent residency process without clearing this ACS RPL skills assessment.


ACS examines the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) skills of the candidate but if it so happens that a candidate doesn’t have the academic qualifications of his ICT skills, he is required to submit an RPL report. The importance of ACS RPL Skills assessment can’t be stressed enough and that’s why the RPL report is very crucial in the permanent residency process. If you are someone who doesn’t have ICT qualifications but have the experience by working in the ICT industry for some time. The RPL report gives an opportunity to show proof of this mentioned work experience. RPL reports are therefore very crucial and have quite a major role in the ACS RPL for Australian migration process.


The ACS RPL skills assessment comes in two sections. The first section allows the non-ICT qualified applicant to explain how he acquired the ACS required skills and experience by working in projects associated with the ICT industry. This is called the Key Areas of Knowledge report form. The second section of the ACS RPL skills assessment is providing a Project Report Form to the ACS which has the details mentioned of 2 projects from the applicant’s career. This section is aimed for the applicant to substantiate his claims of having ICT skills.


The writing of both the sections needs to be perfect and plagiarism free without any error in grammar and authenticity. Engineers being busy do not have the required time to devote to the writing of the reports carefully and flawlessly. We at provide RPL writing services. We have a team of professional writers hailing from varying ICT ANZSCO Codes who know what the ACS is looking for in a good RPL report. It is because of this reason that we have a 98% success rate.

Our RPL writing services consist of


  • preparing both section one and section two of the RPL report


  • preparing either one of the two sections


  • rewriting the RPL report for those applicants who got their earlier RPL report rejected

We also provide RPL reviewing services. Be it CDR or RPL, here at, while writing any of your reports, we take the time and patience to know all your individual requirements, current job profile, educational qualifications, work experience, and other information before writing the report. All your needs and special details get our full attention. So if you’re preparing to crack the MSA via the ACS RPL skills assessment, look no further because you’re at the right place. Avail our RPL writing services now! For it is our job to help you with this little step towards the path of realizing your dreams of getting your engineering skilled visa to Australia.

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