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KA02 Report stands for Knowledge Assessment (2) Report. KA02 is a technical report required by institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ) for Engineers & ICT Professionals who want to migrate to New Zealand.  Knowledge Assessment Report (KA02) is required for those Engineers whose Qualification is not accredited by Washington Accord.

The purpose of KA02 report is to ensure that individuals migrating to New Zealand have required skillset which would make them contribute to the economy of the country. This is the  reason ICT professionals across the world have to demonstrate their qualifications and work experience, in the field of ICT, to the IPENZ for New Zealand Skilled Migration

There are two kinds of Knowledge Assessment reports that should be submitted accordingly:-

  1. If the candidate has graduated from an University whose degree is considered equivalent to qualification standards of New Zealand or from a university of other country that is part of  Washington Accord then the candidate has to submit KA01 report to IPENZ.


  1. If the applicant has graduated from the university not affiliated to Washington Accord or any other Australian university, he has to submit KA02 report to IPENZ.


Knowledge Assessment (KA02) is crucial for those engineers who have graduated from non- accredited countries and need to migrate to New Zealand. IPENZ assesses their skills based on their qualifications and experience in their engineering discipline.  There are several applicants who apply for New Zealand Skilled Migration but do not qualify in spite of having good educational background and experience. Thus it becomes necessary to avail professional services for writing KA02 report.

KA02 Samples are available for following engineering disciplines:

KA02 Sample Report for Electrical Engineer

KA02 Sample Report for Mechanical Engineer

KA02 Sample Report for Chemical Engineer

KA02 Sample Report for Instrumental Engineer

KA02 Sample Report for Computer Engineer

KA02 Sample Report for Petroleum Engineer

KA02 Sample Report for Mining Engineer

KA02 Sample Report for Oil and Gas Engineer

KA02 Sample Report for Civil Engineer

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