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A CDR (Competency Demonstration Report)  for Australia immigration is a set of documents which engineers, who are looking to get a Skilled Migration visa for Australia, need to submit to Engineers Australia for Migration Skill Assessment. The EA is the skill assessment authority that determines whether the engineers applying for Skilled Migration to Australia have qualifications that match the Australian standards.If it gets rejected, the candidates lose the chance to be granted positive result for Migration Skill assessment by Engineers Australia. Hence, one has to be very careful while drafting this document.


If you submit an inaccurately written CDR report to the EA, your chances to move to Australia reduce considerably. The applicants can be highly accomplished engineers with a good profile , but if they fail to follow the guidelines mentioned in the latest Engineers Australia Migration SkillsAssessment (MSA) booklet, their CDR may get rejected. WriteCDRRPL provides assistance to such candidates in preparing a CDR report that can help them gain positive Migration Skill assessment by Engineers Australia and successfully move to Australia.


CDR Writing services provided by Write CDR RPL are categorized under CDR Writing Services and CDR Reviewing Services.


CDR Writing Services

Our CDR Writing Services for Engineers Australia consists of preparing your Career Episodes (CEs), preparing a Summary statement (SS) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The CDR Reports prepared by our Experts contain all the necessary elements and meet all the competency issues by Engineers Australia.


Within CDR Writing Services for Engineers Australia, we provide following services: 

  1. Writing Complete CDR for Engineers Australia with or without projects.
  2. Writing One or more Career Episodes.
  3. Rewriting CDR Reports For applicants who got their CDR Report rejected.
  4. Summarize Career Episodes to prepare Summary Statement and more.


CDR Reviewing Services

If you have already written your complete CDR, you can get your CDR Report reviewed and rated by our Experts. We will make sure that your CDR Writing is flawless and do not contain any punctuation, spelling, grammar, technical or structural error. This would boost the prospects of positive assessment of your CDR by Engineers Australia.


Our Services under CDR Reviewing:

  1. Proofreading (Reviewing the CDR and suggesting changes related to Grammatical Mistakes, Punctuation, Tenses, Report Structure and format, Technical Information etc.)
  2. Proofreading and Editing (Reviewing the CDR and making the changes related to Grammatical Mistakes, Punctuation, Tenses, Format, Technical Information etc.)
  3. Plagiarism checking and Plagiarism Removal Services.


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Few tips for CDR Report writing from our professional writers that can help you write a good quality CDR with high prospect of success:

1. First and foremost, read the EA guidelines in the MSA (Migration Skill Assessment) booklet thoroughly. You will get an idea of what sort of information you need to provide in the CDR report.p

2. Since Competency Demonstration Report is submitted to showcase applicant's technical acumen, it is important to choose right topics for your Career Episodes. The applicants first need to know which occupational category they can apply in and then choose projects from their career which will meet the Engineers Australia competency issues.p

3. CDR report is used for Engineers Australia membership by EA not only to check your engineering competency but also your command over English language. Australian English is similar to British English. Our CDR writing experts take immense care about choice of words and writing style to ensure that your CDR report has high prospects of positive migration skill assessment.

4. According to EA guidelines, it is recommended to write Career Episodes in the first person. EA wants to know about your involvement in the project and not about the work of other members in the project. So, it is suggested that you skip extraneous details and provide only relevant information as per Engineers Australia Migration Skill Assessment booklet.

5. Plagiarism is the top major issue which can get your CDR rejected by engineers Australia. It becomes imperative that you do not copy content from the Internet or another CDR report that has already been submitted.


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