While travelling from one country to another for temporary residence or vacations might be easy, permanently shifting to another nation is a completely different ball game. It requires time, money, legal paper work and meticulous planning. If anything goes wrong in this, the shifting process might get delayed. That is why, while planning international permanent residency shifts, the help of an immigration consultant is required.


An immigration consultant has inside knowledge and expertise about the emigration process and so he will be able to guide you through the legal and documentation process of your emigration, increasing the chances of your application process being successful.


Getting a visa approved for your travel and stay in another country can be hectic and troublesome. However, with the knowledge of an immigration consultant about immigration laws, the different types of visas and how to apply for them, the process becomes easier.


Some countries provide their own licensed immigration consultants through authorised bodies who are knowledgeable about the visa and immigration rules in their country. Canada and Australia are two countries which have such authorised bodies. Australia’s body of immigration consultants is called Migration Agents Registration Authority.


However, finding a good and reliable consultancy firm can be hard. Therefore, to locate a reliable firm, you need to look out for certain things. First of all, check the accreditation status of the company to see whether it is registered with the country’s immigration regulatory department. Then move on to check the track record of the firm to see whether it has more number of successful cases than unsuccessful ones.


Since people from developing countries generally migrate to developed nations, these countries accept only highly skilled individuals and thus have strict rules for immigration processing. In order to help the common man understand the rules, the governments of these countries have established such consultancy firms of immigration consultants.


The responsibilities of an immigration consultant involves assessment of the client’s chances of getting a particular visa, preparing him for the visa interview, helping him prepare other immigration application documents and paperwork and making sure they are error-free. They basically do everything they can to help their client get through the immigration process. So in case of an Australian permanent residency migration, the consultant would help him by choosing the perfect visa category he should apply for, guide through the Migration Skill Assessment organised by Engineers Australia, asses his scores in the points test and then arrange the necessary legal or academic documents accordingly. For engineers, he would also guide him on how to prepare a CDR or RPL report.


However, the consultant can only guide his client on how to prepare the CDR report. He can’t write it himself since he isn’t knowledgeable in that ground. That is the job of a CDR writer. You can find a good CDR writer here at Our writers are trained professionals who provide the best plagiarism free CDR reports in the market adhering to the guidelines of Engineers Australia and have a 98% success rate. Your individual requirements, past work experience, current job profile, educational qualifications and all other important information are taken into consideration while writing the report so you can be assured that no effort will be wasted in making your CDR perfect.

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