Please note that if the assessor did not find your Career Episodes aligned with the desired occupational role, it means that the project you chose is not a perfect fit for you and your job profile. However, there is nothing to be disheartened. We here understand that you are not adequately equipped for the alignment task. We do understand it’s very hard, but take the setback in your stride. Begin again. Go through the EA guidelines carefully.


It is an imperative that you understand every competency element that is desired out of a certain occupational role. Such an understanding would give you a clearer vision. You can then go back to those professional and academic projects again. Ponder over them again. Then choose the projects that would demonstrate your prowess the best.


At times it happens that the assessors might ask you to re-submit your application. They would ask you to change the choice of your occupational role. They might feel that your achievements and your past experiences might go well with a different role. They might believe that you will be better for a different role. Think about it. However, if you have absolute clarity in your thoughtful choice and you wish to reapply, make sure that you have re-worked the details.  Here you might feel the need of an expert who can make your task easy.  CDR writing professionals work on hundreds of reports every year. They have a fair amount of expertise to understand the guidelines presented by Engineers Australia. They also know the right strategy for presenting the episode in a manner that goes well with the assessors. As the choice of words and the overall presentation create a huge impact on your acceptance, we believe the experts will be the best ones to align the project with your job profile and your chosen role. In some cases, you might have chosen the correct project but might have lacked the necessary skills for correct alignment. Keep your faith in our experts. They can solve this problem easily.


To make your lives easier go for professional help with batting an eyelid. Your migration visa application should reach a perfect conclusion. This is of immense importance. Who can help you better than the CDR writing experts? They can provide efficient samples at the outset making you understand how the report needs to be prepared. You are most welcome for elaborate discussions with the CDR experts to decide the scope of your report. You can share your own insights and inputs as well. There is also an opportunity to get the report revised by their experts as well in certain situations.


Grab the opportunity now! Get to work, good luck!

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