What You Need to Know About the ACS RPL Skills Assessment

Australian Computer Society (ACS) examines the skills of people who do not have educational certificates showing qualifications related to Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills or tertiary ICT skills yet have the required practical experience. This process of testing out the practical work experience of uncertified ICT skilled engineers is called the ACS RPL skills assessment. And if you are an uncertified ICT skilled engineer wanting to migrate and settle in Australia, then look no further. You are at the right place because Writecdrrpl.com provides the best RPL and CDR reports which are one of the most important steps to begin with for an applicant who wishes to work as an engineer there.


The MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) assesses the skills and qualifications of a person applying to immigrate to Australia and get himself a high paying skilled job. The ACS is the body authorized to assess the RPL reports sent in to apply for MSA. Thus an uncertified ICT skilled engineer hoping to move to Australia and continue his profession there needs to send in the ACS RPL for Australian immigration.


The ACS hence gives a chance for applicants such as them to get ICT required jobs too. One just needs to pass the ACS RPL skills assessment. And this is where comes in RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) writing. The ACS RPL skills assessment comes in two sections. The first section allows the non-ICT qualified applicant to explain how he acquired the ACS required skills and experience by working in projects associated with the ICT industry. This is called the Key Areas of Knowledge report form. The second section of the ACS RPL skills assessment is providing a Project Report Form to the ACS which has the details mentioned of 2 projects from the applicant’s career. This section is aimed for the applicant to substantiate his claims of having ICT skills.


The writing of both the sections needs to be perfect and plagiarism free without any error in grammar and authenticity. Engineers having the hectic life they do, find it hard to have the time and presence of mind to write the reports carefully without errors. Writecdrrpl.com comes to the aid of such engineers with its RPL writing services. We have a team of professional writers hailing from varying ICT ANZSCO Codes who know what the ACS is looking for in a good RPL report. It is because of this reason that we have a 98% success rate. Our RPL writing services consist of.


  • Preparing both section one and section two of the RPL report
  • Preparing either one of the two sections
  • Rewriting the RPL report for those applicants who got their earlier RPL report rejected


Other than this, we provide RPL reviewing services too.  While writing any of your reports, be it CDR or RPL, here at Writecdrrpl.com, care is taken to know all your individual requirements, current job profile, educational qualifications, work experience and other information before writing the report. Our enthusiasm to help you is unparalleled and our efforts are far from being half-hearted. So save time and avail our RPL writing services now! It is our job to help you overcome this little hurdle in the path of realizing your goals of settling and working as an engineer in Australia.

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