It is advised to hire professional CDR writers who provide CDR writing services for Australian migration if you have no prior experience or involvement in the writing of a CDR report. A good CDR report needs attention to detail, highlighting of key areas of your professional life, absolutely zero plagiarism and complete adherence to the guidelines laid down by Engineers Australia. The Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a statement of your past achievements in the professional engineering field and therefore it should be written with absolute professionalism by skilled and experienced CDR writers who already have the knowledge about what key points are necessary in a CDR report for it to get approved. Here’s a quick view on the key reasons as to why you should hire a professional CDR writer.




A CDR writing agency deals with a huge number of CDR reports every year. Aside from that, it employs both engineers as well as English language experts. A CDR report contains documents which prove the credibility of the educational qualifications and work experiences of the applicant which carry a lot of marks in the MSA. For an engineer, finding out the correct ANZSCO code for the profession he is applying for is as vital as providing the necessary documents required for the eligibility of that particular code in his CDR. The ANZSCO occupation codes not only list the requirements of general engineering schools like electrical, civil, mechanical, etc but also of some industry specifics jobs like transport engineering, water engineering, power engineering, etc. In case an applicant’s occupation isn’t mentioned in the ANZSCO list of occupations, the applicant will have to categorise his occupation based on his engineering skills and experience.


The CDR writers of a CDR writing agency are engineers who come from different ANZSCO occupation codes and hence they are capable of providing the professional aid in this regard- among many others- coupled with their expert knowledge. In short, they frame the content of the CDR. For example; they help to choose the best projects or job experiences of the applicant to showcase in the report. The language experts on the other hand take care of the form of the report and help by proofreading and editing the CDR report to make it look professional and error free while keeping an eye out for reiterated points. Aside from that they also have the prior training to write in an impressive way which increases the prospects of positive assessment considerably.


If you already have a CDR that you prepared by yourself, you can go with it too but be sure to get it reviewed by a professional CDR writer. The expert will edit it, proofread it and point out the obvious mistakes in the report that would need rewriting or rephrasing. This reduces the chances of your report getting rejected.




It is not recommended for beginners to write their own CDR report owing to the high level of precision that is needed to make it perfect. As it is, one can’t be too careful as even a tiny mistake or error in writing the CDR can result in its cancellation by Engineers Australia and sometimes even a ban in its re-application for 1 year. Skilled and experienced writers know how to write in an impressive way so that the key points are highlighted and stressed often enough but not so often that it becomes redundant. They know just what skills to emphasise and what to only mention in passing in order to attract the examiner’s nod of appreciation. The examiners have to go through loads of CDR reports regularly. Therefore to make the key details stand out in a report heavy with statistical data and other technical details isn’t an easy task. To reach the bliss point between too much and too little information takes practice and patience which first time writers lack.




A CDR report has a specific structure that a CDR writer has to keep in mind while highlighting the core areas of the applicant’s professional and educational life in the report. The first section of the CDR deals with Continuing Professional Development or CPD that throws light on the applicant’s developmental strategies that enable him to constantly update his professional skills. The second section focuses on 3 Career Episodes of the applicant’s professional life written within 1000-2500 words. These episodes have details of the applicant’s key skills and competencies which are relevant to the occupational position he is applying for. The Summary Statement which is the third part of the CDR collapses the entire report into a brief picture. Important points like the core skills of the candidate are stressed here again for an added emphasis.




After going through these points a conclusion can now be reached that CDR report writing should be done by people who are already familiar with the structure and content of the report. The chances of a CDR getting approved by Engineers Australia increase if it’s written by an expert. CDR writing agencies are available online on various sites and they provide their services at a reasonable price. You can find a good CDR writer here at Writecdrrpl.com. We provide the best CDR and RPL report writing services that come in handy during the Migration Skill Assessment. Our writers are trained professionals who provide the best authentic CDR reportsin the market adhering to the guidelines of Engineers Australia and have a 98% success rate. All individual requirements, past work experience, current job profile, educational qualifications and every other important information are taken into consideration while writing the report so you can be assured that no effort will be spared in making your perfect and error freeCDR report.


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